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Gospel means goodnews. For many years has tried to link gospel, the goodnews with people. What was started as a small site to put some basic messages is slowly turning in to a site with lot of resources which is becoming beneficial for many people in their spiritual life.

We welcome you to explore this site and use the resources available in this site. You will find videos, songs, messages, blogs, bible study, testimony etc here. Feel free to use whatever material you find in this site in whatever way you want. If you have any suggestions or questions then feel free to contact us.

If you are blessed by this site or if you have some suggestions then do let us know.

God Bless You!

Latest Messages

Vision for Next Generation - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Attitude in Prayer - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Resurrection Of Jesus Christ - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Christ is Superior than Moses - II- Chance of Falling away and Sin -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Christ is Superior than Moses - I- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Christ is Superior than Angels - II- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Christ is Superior than Angels - I- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Actions and Consequences - I- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Church of Jesus in the Bible-Call of the Church- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Discipleship and Truthfulness- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Waiting Patiently - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Hope of a Growing Christian- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Goal of this Command - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Look Back and Forward - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Emptiness and God’s word- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Christ’s Glory and Prophecy - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Our Call and Election - Pr.Tinku Thompson
God works beyond our expectation - Pr.Tinku Thompson
God Gave them up - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Have Faith in God - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Revelation of God and Ignorance of Man - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Wrath and Patience of God - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Reasons for Waiting - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Privileges of a Child of God - Pr.Tinku Thompson
United in Christ - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Conditions for Revival - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Church Growth - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Washing Others Feet-Willingness to Reach Down - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Praise God - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Love so Amazing - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Presence of God- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Solitary Prayer -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Fruitfulness and Faithfulness -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Fasting and Fulfilling God’s given Mission-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Sanctification and Local Church -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Spiritual Growth and Gospel Centrality -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Spirit Lead Life 1 -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Real Spiritual Growth 2-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Real Spiritual Growth 1 -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Failure and Prayer -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Persevering faith in God -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Fellowship of Believers and Diversity of Gifts -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Its Late Than You Think- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Bible and Authority-Pr. Tinku Thompson
Devote to Prayer-Pr. Tinku Thompson
Called for Greater Things-Pr. Tinku Thompson
Inner Transformation - Pr. Tinku Thompson
Revelation of Jesus Christ -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Great Commission and Persecution -Pr.Tinku Thompson
God’s Promises -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Holy Spirit- Who and Why-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Tarry For The Holy Spirit-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Rejoice over Your Salvation-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Jealous vs Envy-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Obedience-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Faith-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Supremacy of Great Commission-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Challenges in Growing Church(part 4)-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Challenges in Growing Church(part 3)-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Challenges in Growing Church(part 2)-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Disciple and Conduct-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Confession- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Praise God- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Leadership in Church - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Transformation and After Effects - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Fear and Discouragement-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Challenges of a Growing Church - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Persecution - Pr.Tinku Thompson
How God helps us in Witnessing His Word - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Do we need Revival - Pr.Tinku Thompson
When God sparks Enthusiasm - Pr.Tinku Thompson
God's Love - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Good Relationship with God part1- Intimacy - Pr.Tinku Thompson
God's Provision - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Do not loose your inheritance - Pr. Tinku Thompson
Jesus: Prayer and Communion - Pr. Tinku Thompson
Should I Run Away - Pr. Tinku Thompson
God Pleasing Righteous Life - Pr. Tinku Thompson
Believer and Temptation - Pr. Tinku Thompson
Joy and Perseverance in Traits - Pr. Tinku Thompson
Traits of a Healthy Church-Pr. Tinku Thompson
Safeguard your Anointing-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Aspects Of Praise & Worship-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Aspects Of Praise & Worship-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Aspects Of Praise & Worship[Psalms 100]-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Clear Conscience and Clean Hands -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Unity -Pr.Tinku Thompson
New Year 2014 -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Blessing and Danger of God's Glory -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Disciples Battle -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Faith to Cross Over -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Disciples and Church 2 -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Disciples and Church 1 -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Supernatural Provison for God Given Vison -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Which Project you are engaged in? -Pr.Tinku Thompson
God's Provision-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Malachi 5. Hope & Future Glory -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Malachi 4 - Coming Judgment and Cheating God -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Malachi 3 - Covenant & Unfaithfulness -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Malachi 2 - Ministry - Curse and Glory -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Malachi 1 - God's Love, Honor and Careless Worship -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Rejoice - Bro.Saji Mathew;Pastor Tinku Thompson
Servant Leadership -Pastor Tinku Thompson
Romans 9 - Impartation and Unanswered Prayers -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Romans 5 - Everything through and for Jesus -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Romans 4 - Trinity -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Romans 3- Deity of Christ -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Going out of way for God -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Romans 2- Humanity of Christ -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Romans 1 - Servant, Called and Separated -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Powerful Prayer -Pr.Tinku Thompson
God's Hand in Missions -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Resurrection of Jesus Christ -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Death of Jesus Christ -Pr.Tinku Thompson
BLSG - Jesus and His Prayers -Pr.Tinku Thompson
BLSG - Disciple and World -Pr.Tinku Thompson
BLSG - Vine and Branches-Be Connected with Jesus -Pr.Tinku Thompson
BLSG - Why Jesus Matters? Way to Father -Pr.Tinku Thompson
BLSG - Promise , Work of the Holy Spirit -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Between Last Supper and Gethsemane - Love , Trust -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Have Confidence in Divine Promises - Servanthood, Love -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Between Last Supper and Gethsemane - Servanthood, Love -Pr.Tinku Thompson
Prayer - When task is too big-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Three Commandments concerning God-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Consecrate before God's Speaks-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Secrets to Victory in Ministry-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Sight in Canaan but Heart in Egypt-Pr.Tinku Thompson
God's Deliverance when your back is against the wall-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Passover and the new Beginning-Pr.Tinku Thompson
God's Judgement and Enemies Bargains-Pr.Tinku Thompson
God's Call and Initial Result-Pr.Tinku Thompson
God's Call and Covenant Obedience-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Response to God's Call-Pr.Tinku Thompson
God's Call-Pr.Tinku Thompson
God's Time -Pr.Tinku Thompson
God is our Owner-Pr.Tinku Thompson
God Who Knows Me-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Approach Jesus with your Problem-Pr.Tinku Thompson
How to approach the task given to you-Pr.TinkuThompson
Know Jesus Better-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Basic Steps in Christian Life-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Focus on Eternity-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Ministers of new covenant-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Importance of Discernment-Pr.Tinku Thompson
God who comforts - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Tithing and Giving 2 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Prayer - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Tithing and Giving 1 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Hope of our Resurection - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Truth in Spritual Life 2 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Eternal Hope in Christian Life - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Truth in Spiritual Life - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Spiritual Gifts in Christian Life - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Love in Christian Life - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Biblical Ethics 1 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Limits of My Freedom - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Fear of God 2 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Fear of God 1 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Burden for Next Generation - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Worship 3 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Worship 2 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Worship 1 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Anointing - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Miracles 2-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Miracles 1-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Psalms 6-Pr.Tinku Thompson
God the Healer-Pr.Tinku Thompson
Salvation Experience 3- Holiness and Glory- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Salvation Experience 2- Relationship with Father- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Salvation Experience 1- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Reception to Action- Pr.Tinku Thompson
New Year Message 2012- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Spirituality that God Rebukes- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Prayer which Changes- Pr.Tinku Thompson
How will you respond to Jesus - Pr.Tinku Thompson
God who calls despised - Pr.Tinku Thompson
God's Plan and your Plan - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Psalms 140 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Use Your talents - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Quality of your Devotion - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Psalms 150 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Our relationship with God - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Understand your God - Pr.Tinku Thompson
God knows Everything - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Christians Preperation - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Psalms 130 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Psalms 3- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Believers Hope and Status- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Psalms 17 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
God who see you - Pr.Tinku Thompson
God's Silence in Crisis - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Psalms 24 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Believer's Battle - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Psalms 57 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Psalms 84 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Holy Spirit 2 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Psalms 4 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Holy Spirit 1 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Serve God with Righteousness- Pr.Tinku Thompson
Qualifications to Serve - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Ministers of Reconciliation - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Comfort of Christian Hope - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Lord's hand was with them - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Prayer 3 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Psalms 126 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Prayer 2 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Prayer 1 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Psalms 85 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Old to New Covenant - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Leadership- Joshua - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Are You a Situational Christian? - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Unending Pain and Deceptive Brook - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Psalms 40 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
New Year 2011- Get Real - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Generation Who Know God - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Christmas- Word became Flesh - Pr. Tinku Thompson
Psalms 126 - Pr.Tinku Thompson
Faithfully Move Forward - Pastor Tinku Thompson
Psalms 29- Pastor Tinku Thompson
Atonement- Pastor Tinku Thompson
Eschatology-Revelation -1 - Pastor Tinku Thompson
When Things Go Against Expectation due to Sin- Pastor Tinku Thompson
Men Whom God Uses - Ezra-Pastor Tinku Thompson
Lord's Supper- Pastor Tinku Thompson
Lord will care for You- Pastor Tinku Thompson
Psalms 2- Pastor Tinku Thompson
Missions 2- Pastor Tinku Thompson
You Do What you can- Pastor Tinku Thompson
Mission in Acts- Pastor Tinku Thompson
Wait for God's Perfect Time- Pastor Tinku Thompson
Obey Your Parents- Pastor Tinku Thompson
Instructions for Kids - Evg.Tinku Thompson
God of Restoration - Tinku Thompson
Reputation or Reality - Tinku Thompson
Freedom in Christ - Tinku Thompson
Psalms 119:8-16 - Tinku Thompson
When Counterfeits Deceive People - Tinku Thompson
Psalms 119:1-8 - Tinku Thompson
When Questions Outnumber Answers- Tinku Thompson
Psalms 112- Tinku Thompson
Pray for Revival - Tinku Thompson
Be Faithful in Prayer - Tinku Thompson
Need of Spiritual Gifts in Church - Tinku Thompson
Practical Advices for Christian Living - Tinku Thompson
Significnace of Resurrection - Tinku Thompson
Psalms 121 - Tinku Thompson
Generation To Generation - Tinku Thompson
Biblical Attitude - Tinku Thompson
Biblical Purity - Tinku Thompson
Biblical Trust - Tinku Thompson
Biblical Love - Tinku Thompson
Biblical Spirituality - Tinku Thompson
Response to Temptation - Tinku Thompson
Vision of MPA - Tinku Thompson
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